Authentic Style of Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker kitchen cabinets are a style of cabinet that could be used inside the kitchen room that could give the feeling and more spacious look for your home. This particular style is definitely approaching to give the look and feel of a more down-to-earth design for your cabinets inside the kitchen that would give the ambience of the room to be warm and welcoming. Cabinets that are done using this style are usually handcrafted to have high quality that would be best done using cherry wood or maple wood for its authenticity.

contemporary shaker kitchen cabinet

contemporary shaker kitchen cabinet

To be paired well with this kind of kitchen cabinet style, you could choose to use more of a neutral color shades for your wall paint that could highlight the room to be looking nice, tidy and clean which is one of the goal from using shaker kitchen cabinets. Unlike any other kitchen d├ęcor, if you are going to apply this particular style to your kitchen you might want to avoid using unnecessary accessories, decorations and furniture that are not crucial to be placed inside the kitchen. So it would be more of using simple and practical ornaments and accessories to your kitchen room.

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white shaker kitchen cabinets

traditional shaker kitchen cabinet

shaker style kitchen cabinets

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shaker kitchen cabinet doors

shaker kitchen cabinet design

shaker kitchen cabinet 2015

diy shaker kitchen cabinet

contemporary shaker kitchen cabinet


The cabinets that you are going to use for this kind of style would have no ornaments or decorations for its front look, so that they are looking plain and simple, but not boring. They could project the style of traditional meet rustic that could still be perfect for your modern kitchen. Other furniture such as shaker stools, ladder-back chairs and many others that projects simplicity could be used to match nicely with the cabinets that you have. To add as more complements, you could use lighting fixtures with chrome finishing and natural wood color flowing would go nice with shaker kitchen cabinets.