Finishing the Kitchen Projects with Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets are usually the finished look that you could get when you are finishing and furnishing the furniture that you have inside the particular room. The paint colors that you have chosen must be in match with the kitchen theme décor color schemes, so that your cabinets won’t look out of place or looking awkward in their placements. Different kitchen décor would have different color schemes depending on the personal style and taste of you as the homeowner. It would also depend on the budget that you have, to create the perfect kitchen for your family.

almond painted kitchen cabinets

almond painted kitchen cabinets

With all the many things that you have to do make sure that your kitchen space is ready to be used, you might want to make sure all the installments of your kitchen appliances are done properly, their placements are arranged nicely and your painted kitchen cabinets have dried fully so that they could be used to store many kitchen utilities inside it. You wouldn’t want any paint chemicals residue or smell to be sticking on your plates, cups or glasses that would be dangerous for you to use. This is why you have to wait for them to dry fully before you use them.

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painted kitchen cabinets with wood trim

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painted kitchen cabinets color ideas

painted kitchen cabinets before and after photos

almond painted kitchen cabinets


If you use wood as the main material for your kitchen cabinets, then leaving them painted or unpainted would be your personal choice. If you leave them unpainted, then you could add some varnish to make them look shiny and glossy. This way you could also prevent termites from housing themselves inside the pores of the wood, but if you want to have them nicely colored then you could pick from the many colors that are available from the paint stores. Doing the job yourself would be best especially since you could be sure that your painted kitchen cabinets are done properly with the style that you want.