Grab the Rustic Vintage Look with Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Distressed kitchen cabinets are a chic and trendy option nowadays since more and more home-owners love to grasp the aged and antique sensation to the kitchen. To have this look in your kitchen, there are wide range of design and methods for you to choose. From glazing to staining as well as rustic or unfinished effect of painting techniques is some of the most featured appearance for the kitchen. The interior decor preference that works well with this touch of cabinet is ranging from rustic, country, to shabby chic decoration.

distressed alder kitchen cabinets

distressed alder kitchen cabinets

One of the best timbers for this kind of kitchen cabinet is the famous oak and pine that provides longer durability comparing to other wooden materials. While both show the eminent wood lining marks, pine is actually harder to decorate or modified for its knotty texture which also makes pines has less clean appearance. However, pine is more affordable than oak hence makes it more popular option for distressed kitchen cabinets. For more modern or contemporary option, fir with its vertical grain is the great option as it augments the sleek and neat look. The expensive alpine is the best selection of such, with its cleaner look and more durability.

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diy distressed kitchen cabinets

distressed kitchen cabinets

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distressed kitchen cabinets pictures

distressed kitchen cabinets photos

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distressed alder kitchen cabinets


Most of the furniture store today have bunches selection for brand new distressed look cabinets. However, you can also get the look by visiting the second hand market and antique stores as well as salvage yard. If you are a creative person, then DIY technique is something you could do to craft the look for your kitchen cabinets. You can search for unfinished cabinets or old cabinets and later repaint it using the staining painting method or utilizing sandpaper. If you want to have a lighter colour for the cabinets, then you should have the same nature of wood. But if you have different type of wood, then one of the great ideas is to paint it black to get your appealing distressed kitchen cabinets.