How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Kitchen cabinet hinges are small hardware parts that could help regulate the movement of your kitchen cabinet doors. If they are damaged, then your kitchen doors might not be able to be opened or closed. For their installations, they are quite easy to be done in DIY style without needing professional builders to do it for you. Even though usually when you have your custom cabinets done, they would also include the installation of their hardware parts along with them. To install new sets of hinges, they would not take up much time because it is a simple and fairly easy project that could be done within one or two hours in the weekend.

kitchen cabinet hinges blum

kitchen cabinet hinges blum

Although they are not too difficult to be installed, you should be careful when you are doing the installation yourself. Research from the many ways you could install them for your cabinet doors online from the internet since they would have many guides and instructions of how to install kitchen cabinet hinges properly. Even though they could easily be done by yourself, you would need an extra help of pair hands to hold the cabinet doors for you when you are doing the installation of your hinges for your cabinet doors. These hinges could be purchased from much hardware part stores or furniture stores with great selection of design, styles, colors and materials.

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kitchen cabinet hinges blum


Even with the many selections that you could do for them, they are all pretty affordable because every house that has cabinets inside the home would need hinges and other hardware parts to put their cabinets together. Basic materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass and iron could be chosen for your hinges, depending on the color that you want. Since most of the material itself would have their own colors that come from them. You would need to have the proper size and shape for them to be displayed to make your kitchen cabinets hinges looking more appealing.