Important Features in Kitchen Island Designs

Kitchen island designs need to ponder the balancing its function as the gathering spot as well as the partition in the kitchen. The kitchen island is not just functional as it can be accessible from all sides, but also become central point of attention in the kitchen that can boost the aesthetic of this space of culinary venture. To bring this artsy function even better, you can consider having contrasting scheme of color, shape, finishes, as well as countertop material.

best kitchen island designs

best kitchen island designs

To perform well to handle its function, the design of the kitchen island need to consider the purpose. Indeed, the function is the main thing that dictates the design of the kitchen island. As the food preparation space, it needs to consider the small appliances storage solution, as well as access to disposer. The sink and butcher block has to be taken carefully into account and consider to have the fridge at range. For cooking, choose for heat-resistant countertop such as stone, metal or tile as well as need to consider the installation of vent hood or downdraft fan. As the eating area, kitchen island designs need to be lifted up in the safe range to avoid the harmful hot spatters. As the cleanup area, choose for open dishwasher door and integrate pull-out bin next to the sink. It needs dual-height counters to put dirty dishes out of sight.  Storage for dishware and towels are soap is necessary and it has to be accessible easily.

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small kitchen island designs

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kitchen island design pictures

kitchen island design ideas

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best kitchen island designs


As you can see, while Kitchen Island might be consume the space but at the same time it also can be a smart storage option. The good design will provide a space to insert the dishwasher, microwave, beverage appliances, garbage disposal etc in a efficient arrangement. You can also feature wide drawers on a side to keep the cookware and linens or open shelves for serving plates as part of your kitchen island designs.