Kitchen Island Cabinets Benefits and Types

Kitchen island cabinets could give you more storage as one of their benefits. You can have more space to put a cooktop, a second sink, bake center, food prep area, and additional counter space. You can place dishwasher, refrigerator drawers, microwave, oven, warming drawers, wine chillers, ice cube makers. Add interest and extra storage to your kitchen island with convenient kitchen island cabinets. Make sure you build the smart cabinets size for the storage.

how to install kitchen island cabinets

how to install kitchen island cabinets

If you go to the manufacture store there are a variety of kitchen island cabinets styles, ranging from those with transparent fronts to those that are opaque, only partially revealing the kitchen items that lie inside. Wooden cabinet options include styles that have a straight line front to those that are embellished by vintage inspired accents. Opaque and glass front island cabinets can also be an interesting choice, especially for homeowners who are seeking to showcase colorful kitchen items or precious china pieces. For a kitchen with an eclectic feel, repurposed barn wood cabinet doors or reclaimed windows can also lend a vintage, down to earth vibe to a kitchen space.

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how to install kitchen island cabinets


These cabinets can also be painted a multitude of colors and washes, making them a flexible option for a wide range of kitchens. Keep in mind that no matter the cabinet you choose, the style should pair well with the overall look of the kitchen. Choose a cabinet that allows for the most functional use of an island, and pair your choices with handles and knobs that accent the design. Introducing a new color, in fact, whether it’s through the finish on the cabinets or the pattern of the countertop, allows the island to make a dramatic visual statement, adding interest to the overall space. That is why most kitchens always use kitchen island cabinets.