Many Ways of Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen cabinet refinishing could be done in many ways, whether you are going to re-paint them, stain them and more. Changing the look of your kitchen cabinets does not always have to be expensive and costly. Instead of you buying a new set of cabinets, some of these methods could help you spend less money yet still achieve the result that you want for a new look from them. If you choose to stain them, then you could easily do them yourself as a side project to be done over the weekend with the help of some friends and other family members.

kitchen cabinet refinishing antique white

kitchen cabinet refinishing antique white

As for re-painting your kitchen cabinets, it is highly recommended that you do not do them yourself since it would create a different display that is not going to be the same as if it was done by professional painters. If you are going to do paint them yourself in your kitchen cabinet refinishing project, the stroke of your paint brush would create a different pattern on the cabinets unlike when experts and professional painters do. They would do it with spray or air gun that will get a clean look for your cabinets. You will not get any roller marks or brush marks that would be seen just like if you do them by yourself.

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kitchen cabinet refinishing

kitchen cabinet refinishing white

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kitchen cabinet refinishing antique white


In staining your kitchen cabinets, you would want to choose color shades that are at least three or four shades away from your floor color, because if you try to match the stain of your cabinet with your floor color then it is not going to turn out well. In this case, you would want to try mix things up and have combinations of different color shades that you think might work for your kitchen cabinets. If you have some of your friends that are more experienced in this particular field, then you could ask them to help you with your kitchen cabinet refinishing project especially since more people means you are going to get the work done faster.