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Vintage kitchen cabinets can be obtainable in the course of preservation to sustain the authentic features, restoration or the attempt to reinstate its original figure, as well as reproduction or crafting a brand new product based on the old time historical styles. The genuine vintage cabinets are exceptional because they were made to last in longer time. But since the original are usually a collectible item, the price can be very expensive. If you are lucky, you can get it for cheap in second hand store, or even for free if it comes from your grandparents’ house. For reproduction, the exactitude of vintage kitchen is highly respected by many for its historical context and not merely a brief trend of nostalgia.

cost of kitchen cabinets

cost of kitchen cabinets

Late French Victorian is one of the admired vintage kitchen styles that incorporate hand painted cabinetry and backsplashes as well as flamboyant intricate furrows as the ornamentation details, along with granite countertops. Gentle colors such as tiffany blue, antique white or mauve are several favorite colors for their ample cabinetry. Vintage kitchen cabinets in Early American Colonial are featuring uncomplicated lines of natural material and finishes in whitewashed, cherry or burgundy colors. Stained or reclaimed wood for solid construction built-in cabinetry is common, in conjunction with open cupboard and butcher Block Island.

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Shaker and Midcentury Modern are some of the in-vintage-style cabinets recently. Shaker has some resemblance with Colonial, but the colors are more in pastel hues. Framed cabinet doors in clean lines and utilizing stainless steel give the spark of modernism to the style. Midcentury Modern plays with more bold graphic lines in vibrant colors such as satin gold, brink pink, fern or azure. The materials in this post-war style are already included vinyl, fiberglass, steel, plywood or glass with laminate countertops. Chevron and art deco profile in smooth panel doors of are common for Midcentury Modern vintage kitchen cabinets.