Some Concerns in Purchasing the Antique Kitchen Cabinets

Antique kitchen cabinets are distinctive and exceptional by nature as the look and the design is a sole matchless of classic era of the past depiction. The original furniture can be very expensive because of its rarity; the fact that perhaps it is the only piece left in the world makes it even more valuable. To avoid fraud and you must pay inappropriate price, keep in mind to observe the cabinets carefully when you purchase it because it can be just the imitation but sold as if the piece is the authentic aged antiques.

antique kitchen cabinets diy

antique kitchen cabinets diy

Most of the antique furniture is made of wood even though metals also found as the decoration and accent. Some of the most popular timbers for the kitchen cabinets are pine, cherry and oak; while elm, cedar and mahogany also popular but comes in more expensive prices. Elm is admired because of its strong wood lining mark while the widespread found material for antique kitchen cabinets is mahogany. Mahogany is famous since the Victorian era of 17th century which commonly features marble as the countertops and intricate cravings and fretworks. In the other hand, the Edwardian Satinwood of the 18th century can be your option if you desire a hand painting decoration or more symmetrical cross banding and vertical inlays on the surface. The older era of the cabinetry is including the famous William and Mary of 15th century which usually made of walnut, holly or apple tree wood with more oriental lacquer and parquetry as the ornament.

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antique kitchen cabinets

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antique kitchen cabinets diy


As for the maintenance, bash and wipe the wooden surface periodically with water and few drops of soap. The treatment for this kind of cabinet in the kitchen is quite tricky since excess water is the enemy for antique furniture, along with abrasive chemical. That is why looking for a marble, glass or metal countertops are essential and recommended if you wish to have antique kitchen cabinets.