The Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

Stainless steel kitchen island was primarily accepted and easily found in most commercial kitchen.  But since the 1990s, kitchen island made of stainless steel are among the most desired island piece at home’s private kitchen. This popularity is mainly because of its sleek and shiny finish that suitable perfectly to enhance the modern homes look and industrial-style kitchen. Not just offer manifestation of imperishable effect, there are more to get from this tailored and neat island kitchen look.

stainless steel kitchen cart

stainless steel kitchen cart

The vital characteristic of stainless steel is because of its durability along with its convenient sanitary exterior. The material is resistant not just to water, but also moisture and heat. Even the hot pans will not damage the surface, and the heat will not spread along on the countertop. Discoloring is not in the dictionary of stainless steel kitchen island.  This is because it has non-absorbent characteristic; no liquid can infiltrate its surface means it can prevent the harmful effect caused by bacteria and germs. Furthermore, the material will remain cool throughout the blistering summer season. With its illumination effect, steel-made island can give the impression of bright, spacious space of the kitchen.

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stainless steel kitchen table

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stainless steel kitchen cart


This easy to install application is only need low maintenance and light in weight comparing to most kitchen island made of stone or hardwood. However, since it is easy to get scratch marks and fingerprints, you have to frequently wipe the surface after you use it. Moreover, the polished surface allows for even the tiny crumbs to be visible in plain sight. The material also tent to dent after a while, so installing the wood underneath the steel surface along with appropriate metal gauge to minimize the effect is necessary. While it can create a lustrous and clean effect, stainless steel inclines to give a cold, rigid and taut look that is consider not ideal for supposedly warm kitchen space. And keep in mind the clang noisy sound once the pans or dishware collide against the surface of stainless steel kitchen island.