The Space Smart Option of Kitchen Base Cabinets

Kitchen base cabinets are type of the cabinets that sits on the floor and sustain a countertop or work surface. It usually features an open unit with or without shelving, one or two drawers with doors shelves underneath, while some other types incorporate three or four stacked drawers. The measurement for this kind of kitchen cabinets is spanning from 10 to 60 inches, which may have fixed or adjustable shelves. Most of the base cabinets have 24 inches depth from front to back.

contemporary kitchen base cabinets

contemporary kitchen base cabinets

There are two kinds of base cabinets, the sink base and the corner base. Sink base cabinet is usually a modified configuration of base cabinet according to its particular function in the kitchen. It usually has no shelves or drawer since the space is utilized for the plumbing. Many kitchens feature the combination of the tall, wall and kitchen base cabinets since each kind of cabinets are usually carried out different task as a storage space in the kitchen.

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There are wide array of materials for base cabinet in the kitchen available. The most durable as well as the most expensive is plywood. Made of engineered wood from numerous veneer layers, this material can handle heat and humidity better comparing to regular wood. Particleboard is a cheaper option made of wood chips that attached with resin. While it will not deform under high moisture, it still have to be fastened appropriately to circumvent the dampness. Thermo foil is a material with smooth texture that can resist chipping better, but it can discolor easily when facing high temperature. Melamine, in the other hand, is a durable and easy to clean material. Made of plastic, this kind of material can resist tarnishes, flaking and evaporation greatly. Another favorite option is MDF, a cheap but resilient material for kitchen base cabinets.