The Versatility of Portable Kitchen Island

Portable kitchen island is a budget friendly option to beautify your kitchen area especially if you have a limited space of a smaller kitchen inside your house. While it performs the same duty and benefit as the fixed, built-in island; the movable island is even give you more option in utilizing it without being trapped in one particular area. This simple and useful furniture is a perfect selection for small kitchen as well as the answer if you want an island with mobility so you can alter the location whenever you need it to be or to store them away in the pantry when not in use anymore.

custom kitchen islands

custom kitchen islands

The design is sometime in a basic form of a free-standing which can be lifted up and moved, whilst other designs are featuring wheels underneath that allow for easier relocating. This portable kitchen island with wheels is a great solution for those who favor to take a seat while preparing food. Similar to permanent kitchen island, it also offers comparable upgrades for you to choose. Stainless steel, granite or butcher block are some of the popular material for the countertops. From distresses finishes to create a rustic style or sleek lines of metal for modern design lover is also ready to pick according to your preference.

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small portable kitchen islands

small portable kitchen island

portable kitchen islands with stools

portable kitchen islands with seating

portable kitchen islands canada

portable kitchen island plans

portable islands for kitchen

modern kitchen island

kitchen island with breakfast bar

custom kitchen islands


If you are planning to purchase this kind of cabinet kitchen, make sure that the size and the shape is suitable with your kitchen dimension as well as work well with the kitchen traffic. Choose the feature according to your need. You can opt for extra storage underneath, whether with doors to cover the storage space or those with open design. As for the countertops, determine whether you need it merely as a display space or you will use it as a surface to prepare or chop food since it can influence the kind of your desirable portable kitchen island.