Things to Know on Butcher Block Kitchen Island

Butcher block kitchen island is a great selection that can create warm, inviting feeling of wooden elegancy to your kitchen. As the cut and chop base, this wood countertop option can resist distortion and scratches almost as good as stone and definitely better than laminate counter. Maple is the common wood chosen for butcher blocks; to generate rich contrast with pale-colored cabinetry, cherry, teak, walnut or other hardwoods can be your choice. For best experience, the end grain construction is preferable. This construction is made of vertical cut wood that can create best cutting surface and more durable comparing to the edge grain or, long horizontal strips of wood that can display more abrasion and wearing away easily.

butcher block countertops

butcher block countertops

The frequent use of the butcher block counter will determine the best material and the surface finishing. Never use any kind of synthetic finishes if you use it for cutting and chopping, but opt for food-safe mineral oil treatment that can protects from detrimental bacteria. While there are a lot of debates of which surface is the less harmful material for countertops, whether it is wood, plastic, stainless steel or stone; washing the surface of butcher block kitchen island is significantly important in reducing contact with unwanted bacteria. For the disinfecting treatment, hot soapy water is recommended to clean the surface after use, re-oiled it monthly and sanitizes it with bleach solution periodically.

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butcher block countertops


The butcher block can bring warmer feeling not just aesthetically but also physically. It is warmer to touch comparing to stone or steel, the materials that also have perform more cold and rigid feeling in the kitchen. Not just renewable, the installation of butcher block is also easy to perform comparing to other countertops which give you possibility to launch your affordable do-it-yourself project. However, easily discolored and lack of tolerance under long period of water and moisture exposure is the shortcomings of the butcher block kitchen island.