Who said DIY Kitchen Island is an Impossible Project?

DIY kitchen island is an affordable and smart way to revamp your kitchen appearance. As an additional counter and storage space, Kitchen Island also perform as a hub between preparing food and cooking activities, eating and cleaning area, along with humble gathering spot. With all these benefits, kitchen island undoubtedly able to boost the value of a kitchen with its functionality as well as aesthetic solution. To buy a new one is usually expensive, even though the economical piece also available. After all, not all the cheap price guarantees you with satisfaction, moreover if you are a kind of creative person.

build your own kitchen island

build your own kitchen island

There is abundance of possibility when it comes to create a kitchen island as a do-it-yourself project. The most common project for DIY kitchen island is by using storage cabinets and bead board together with stainless steel cabinets or reclaimed wood; whatever kind of countertops finishing you wish to have. You can have it all for cheap or simply looking for it in your storeroom. Basically, you can use any unused cabinets or wood plank. Abandoned barn door can also be your table surface option to craft an eclectic and rustic kitchen island.

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build your own kitchen island


Choose the feet of your desirable kitchen island, and to create a durable board, you can laminate the stock shelves. Corbels are required to enhance the countertop ability to hold up the kitchen island. Utilizing two brackets is possible to support the countertop, and then attach the corbel on to the bracket in the exact line with the top of the cabinet. Before installing the countertop, do the final painting and glazing to give more color and enhance the texture of the island. Measure once again to make sure the overhangs on all sides is equal. By creatively utilizing unexploited cabinets or cart or worktable from wide range of reclaimed materials, the project is doable to perform, so why not considering creating a DIY kitchen island?